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Tips From General Contractors to Improve Visual Appeal in Mountain Lakes & North Caldwell, NJ Homes

3 Tips From General Contractors to Improve Visual Appeal for Homes in the Mountain Lakes and North Caldwell, NJ, Areas

When you enter the process of planning your new Mountain Lakes and North Caldwell, NJ area's home, you can start to learn some valuable tips from respected general contractors. They have many methods and ideas for boosting the exterior look of your home to ensure that it is everything you want for your new home.

Reflect Your Personal Style

When envisioning your perfect home, it can be hard to articulate what you see in your mind to others. To produce a gorgeous home that meets all your needs and delights you with superior finishes, you need general contractors that know the right questions to ask. This is where a skilled pairing of an architect and general contractor can help you peel back the thoughts to focus on the look or style for a new home that will achieve all of your dreams.

This applies whether you want a modern farmhouse with classic elements that keep it true to the farmhouse aesthetic but that features an open concept and modern amenities. Or whether you love your current neighborhood and want to stay there but need more space by taking your home down to the studs for an expanded design.

Carefully Select Materials

Your general contractor knows that the choice of materials for your home impacts the finished appearance and that thoughtful choices lead to a visually engaging exterior. You likely want characteristics that reflect exceptional artistry such as superior knowledge about historical renovations or arched windows that mirror the curve of a freestanding structure in your landscape.

Expansive windows along the back of your home, for instance, can blend the indoor spaces with the outdoor spaces to give you one huge living area. Whether you want wood or wrought iron windows, your general contractor can work with the architect to ensure that gorgeous natural views will grace your home and maximize the sunlight. Sets of French doors can open up the interior living room to the outdoor living patio space to accommodate your love of entertaining for family birthdays and holidays and even summer barbecues.

Focus on Architectural Details

Because architectural details can be the defining accents for your custom home, your general contractor has the expertise and knowledge to suggest details that you might not have considered. Symmetry can play a big role in a pleasing home plan, one in which the windows are bisected by a one-of-a-kind front door. Trading traditional roofing shingles for shake shingles can make an important but subtle addition to the look of the home to contrast with the clean color palette of the exterior.

Gable, gambrel, curved gable, and mansard all describe some of the roof choices that can give your home a distinct visual look that could catch the attention of passersby and delight you every time you pull into the driveway. Working together, the architect and general contractor can guide you to the roof style that enhances the appearance of your home and gives it a rooftop worthy of the rest of the home.

A front porch can also be considered an architectural element that makes your home stand out from the rest. Simple columns can grace a modern farmhouse while dentil molding can be right for the front of a classic colonial home.


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