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Love Your Neighborhood but Not the Home? How Remodelers Near Ridgewood and Kinnelon, NJ, Can Help

Love Your Neighborhood but Not the Home? How Remodelers Near Ridgewood and Kinnelon, NJ, Can Help

What can you do when you love your Ridgewood and Kinnelon, NJ, neighborhood but not your home? You can still get the kind of home you want by looking for home remodelers who can take on the entire project for you—and turn that old house into more of a home.

Starting with a Skilled Home Remodeling Company

A major home renovation can benefit from the vision and skills of a home remodeling team. This can include the architect, the general contractor, the construction crew, and others who can be essential to the home renovation project.

Turning an existing home into your dream space is no small task, and you need a company with vast experience so they can anticipate the bumps and properly prepare for the work ahead. Within the project, there can be architectural drawings, permit approvals, materials purchases, and many other services and details that can affect the outcome.

Here are some of the changes that can influence the level of expertise you want in your home renovation.

Considering the Layout of the Existing Home

Layout changes to the existing house can include removing walls, creating a wing, and adding walls where none existed. This can require the expertise of an architect who can ensure the structural changes are according to code and will stand the test of time.

These are some other details that can require the knowledge of an architect:

  • Moving plumbing lines for dishwashers, sinks, bathtubs, and other appliances that need water access.

  • Rewiring and HVAC work can also impact the final renovation design.

  • Redirecting gas lines can be serious and needs architectural and contracting oversight.

  • Seeking approval for any structural changes that may require permits before proceeding with cosmetic work.

Taking a Holistic Approach to the New Home

The best type of home remodelers are able to oversee the actual construction and ensure the building will be in sound condition. They give you peace of mind throughout the process by handling the entire home remodeling process, while keeping you up-to-date along the way on the budget, timeline, and any unexpected issues that arise—and solutions for keeping the project running smoothly.

Enjoying the Process

Choosing the finishes, cabinets, and appliances can be a fun part of the remodeling process. The design and build company you choose will be able to expertly guide you on some of these crucial selections that can make your interior look next-level lovely and luxurious.

When you are ready for a luxurious home upgrade into a custom space that functions well for your family and has a beauty that welcomes your guests, a home remodeling company can accomplish that and more. From an expansive custom kitchen in a home with cramped quarters to a full additional wing to serve as a master suite, they can create and build what you want and need so you can stay in the neighborhood you love.

Remodeling a portion of a house can be the ideal answer to needing more space but not wanting to move locations. This is what design and build experts can do best!


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