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Fein - Designed for Entertainment - Basement 11.jpg


We remodeled the homeowners’ basement to expand their living space. This newly remodeled basement creates a space just as luxurious as the upstairs.


Adding a guest room and bathroom to the downstairs area makes this space more functional. The bathroom includes a luxurious walk-in shower with marble tile and a bench. A matching vanity with bright lighting and a mirror creates the perfect space.

Fein - Designed for Entertainment - Basement 10A.jpg


A main portion of this project included creating a family room. This space includes a TV above an electric fireplace that’s surrounded by white, built-in shelving and cabinetry. We painted the walls a light blue color that contrasts nicely with the white trim, doors, and cabinets. The flooring is a natural wood. It’s the ideal place to host a family movie night or gather for conversation with friends.

Fein - Designed for Entertainment - Basement 2.jpg


We designed the bar area to have a timeless look and style. The bar itself is L-shaped and is built from beautifully finished wood. We include plenty of cabinetry for storing drinkware and bottles. A nearby wine cellar features plenty of room for keeping the wine chilled and easy to access. A small kitchen area features an oven with a stovetop, microwave, full kitchen sink, plenty of cabinet space, and beautiful granite countertops.

Fein - Designed for Entertainment - Basement 6.jpg
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