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4 Tips From General Contractors Near Me When Planning a Renovation in Ridgewood, NJ

4 Tips From General Contractors Near Me When Planning a Renovation in Ridgewood, NJ

Planning and preparing for a Ridgewood, NJ, renovation can be a big undertaking, so these tips from “general contractors near me Ridgewood NJ” can help to ease the process. From start to finish, great planning can help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Prepare Mentally

Before you begin any renovation project, you probably want to plan for the possibility of the unexpected. Unfortunately, a renovation of an entire wing of your home may involve some unexpected setbacks if there are surprises during the permitting process, materials shortages, or unforeseen issues with your house, but know that a reputable general contractor will oversee every detail to minimize any possible delays and keep in communication with you throughout the process.

Also remember that the construction space can be messy and dusty while work is being done. Your general contractors may seal off the rooms that are not part of the renovation to protect the rest of your home, but the spaces being transformed will become a construction zone.

Clear Out and Store Items

A home renovation can be the ideal time to get rid of stuff you no longer need or want and then storing as much as possible so that you can freshly decorate when the home renovation project is complete. Even when your general contractor seals off portions of the home not involved in the renovation, there may be migrating dust from shoes on the floors that ends up in other areas of your home.

Securing a storage pod can be a great solution to keeping your furniture and valuables out of the way and clean. This can be a small inconvenience for an easier transition once the work has been completed.

Have a Backup Living Plan

A renovation that involves only part of your home can make staying there feasible, but there may come a time when you might need to move out for a while. Having a backup living plan can make that time less stressful.

Before the renovation starts, line up somewhere else to live if you need to during the construction. Whether it is a hotel, Airbnb, or bunking in your parents’ home, having somewhere to go if the renovation gets overwhelming can provide you with peace of mind.

Think About Pets

Your pets can become agitated at the intrusion into their normally peaceful days. This can be a time to take them to pet daycare or send them off to stay with relatives.

When your pets must stay at home, consider creating space just for them that is a haven away from the noise and activity. Try to keep their schedules as close to normal as possible, and get your dogs out to play at the park or dog park every day. This energy release can be helpful for you and your pets.

A home renovation requires thoughtful preparation and foresight. A general contractor can help you with planning all the stages of the construction so that you can see the beauty of the end result—the amenity-filled, modernized kitchen and his-and-her bathroom/spa, a fully true-to-its-roots Victorian home, or whatever else you have in mind for updating and improving your beloved home.


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