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Top Questions to Ask Home Builders Before Hiring One in Kinnelon and Upper Saddle River, NJ

Top Home Builders Upper Saddle River NJ - Questions to Ask Home Builders Before Hiring One in Kinnelon NJ

Hiring a home builder can be an overwhelming undertaking, but these top questions can help you find the builder that is right for your Kinnelon and Upper Saddle River, NJ, project. Asking great questions can direct you to home builders who specialize in the type of home project you’re envisioning.

Are you licensed?

Knowing that your home builder is licensed can give you the confidence that the contractor has the required skills and understands the building codes and municipal regulations. Ensuring that your home is constructed with high standards and that tasks are properly performed is essential to the longevity of your home.

Are you insured?

Insurance is crucial to protecting your home and property in the event of an accident. If an employee of the contractor is injured on the job, you don’t want to have to absorb that cost. That is why home builders carry insurance.

Insurance also protects you from having to foot the bill in the unlikely event that a machine breaks or a tree being removed causes damage. The insurance should be adequate to cover any liabilities and unexpected events while your home project is underway.

How will you calculate the cost of my home project?

A reputable home builder will give you a full breakdown of the estimated cost of your home construction. There would likely be line item explanations for materials and labor alongside the total cost of the project. Be sure that you understand how the home builder arrived at the cost and that you have verified the expenses are reasonable for the scope of the home renovation.

May I see your portfolio?

Trustworthy, professional home builders tend to be overly forthcoming with their portfolio—you probably do not even have to ask. They will be proud of their work and may encourage you to peruse past home building projects if appropriate. Other questions that fit in this category of questioning can be:

  • Have you built this style of home before? This is an important question as it can help you clarify that the home builder has experience with true custom home construction and the attention to the finest detail it requires.

  • Are changes allowed during construction? You need to understand what will happen should you change your mind about a trim style or flooring choice. Your goal should be to understand if there is flexibility in the construction process or not.

What makes you different from other home builders?

Many contractors have sub-contractors who work on specific parts of a home build, such as a plumber. Ideally, when you hand your project over to a home builder, this company will take care of everything involved for you—you will not have to hire another contractor or worker to get any of it done. You can sit back and await to see the finished project—your new luxurious home.

Asking targeted questions can help you select the right home builder for your dream home. A custom home builder has the skill and experience to bring comfort and execute luxury for transformative indoor spaces.


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