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Communicating With Home Builders to Achieve Your Ideal Home in Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River, NJ

Communicating With Home Builders to Achieve Your Ideal Home in Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River, NJ

Communication becomes an essential element in the Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River, NJ areas home-building process. You want to get on the same page as your home builders, to ensure they understand your lifestyle, your style preferences, and your hopes for your new home.

Communication During the Pre-Construction Phase

Probably everyone has heard of or played the “telephone game” where participants whisper into each other’s ear what the previous person whispered to them. At the end of the game, the final phrase is usually nothing like what the first person said.

This is why clear communication with your home builder in the pre-construction phase can be the crucial start to attaining your dream home. You can say what you want and even bring photos of what you love, but unless your custom home builders understand the vision, you could end up with something very different than you imagined.

Open conversations about functional spaces, interior concepts, and finishes can point everyone in the same direction. When you meet to go over the final plans, be sure you cover the important questions and understand the entire home design. If you feel unclear on certain details, perhaps set up a later meeting when you have had time to digest the design and can take a fresh look.

Communication During the Building Phase

One of the first issues to clarify with your home builders can be how they will communicate with you when the construction starts. Will there be a weekly meeting? Can you ask questions when they come up? Who is the point person in your home project? Does the contractor set aside time to discuss the work that happens in a certain time period?

What happens when there is a lull in construction? Do they have a way to communicate the reasons so you understand why the building has slowed or stopped? Remember, this can be due to a materials delay or they are waiting for an inspection to proceed. There are a number of reasons why some home construction projects proceed smoothly and then have a slow period, and your custom builder should keep you informed.

Communication During the Final Phase

As your home gets closer and closer to completion, it can be hard to contain your excitement and anticipation but sometimes those final days can take longer than you expect. Ask home builders how they handle the final parts of building a custom home when the details might be painstaking and the process can feel slow.

When you know what is happening and why, you can feel confident that your home is progressing the way it should and the targeted finish line is still in sight.

An expert custom home builder understands that this is not your normal daily life, so they will make every effort to explain the timeline, details, and expectations with you so that the entire process is stress-free.


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