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How Home Remodelers Can Develop a Dreamy Home in the Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River, NJ, Areas

How Home Remodelers Can Develop a Dreamy Home in the Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River, NJ, Areas

Deciding whether to build a new Ridgewood and Upper Saddle River, NJ, areas home or remodel an existing structure can be a tough decision. While a new home could have all the amenities you desire in a house, you might love your neighborhood and the proximity of your current home to other family members. Here is how home remodelers can develop a dreamy, custom home renovation that meets your needs and satisfies your wants.

The Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects

You could likely guess the top home remodeling projects off the top of your head but it could help your process to hear about some of the most requested home remodels and what they entail.

The kitchen: Whether you would like a dreamy, renovated kitchen with a custom island, high-end appliances, and plenty of seating at the bar, a new, expansive kitchen tops the list for most requested home renovation projects.

While you can have the ice machine, wine cooler, gas range, and more there, many homeowners also want a great room with ample windows to accompany the new kitchen area. In the great room, you can have the oversized fireplace you have dreamed of crackling nearby as you bake cookies or cook a Sunday meal for your family.

A master suite with an expanded bathroom: When you are ready to give your current master bedroom to your oldest child, knowing your new master suite with heated floors, a soaking tub, a sauna shower, and plenty of storage is waiting can be what you need to stay in your current home and remodel.

Home remodeling contractors can be masterful when adding a master suite wing to your home where you can relax in privacy. Imagine large walk-in closets for you and your significant other where you can have a designated spot for shoes, clothes, and other specialty storage items.

A basement renovation: If your family is growing and you need more space, you might opt for a basement renovation. Depending on your space, a basement can have a home gym, a game room, a family movie theater, or another useful area that serves your family well. Renovating your basement can be ideal for sleepovers for your children’s friends, hosting visiting family members, and movie nights.

Reasons to Consider Remodeling Your Home

There can be some compelling reasons to consider remodeling your house. Remodeling can make sense when you love your neighborhood and feel compelled to stay. Not having to move can have many benefits, including not having to pay moving costs, finding a new place to live, and living through the limbo time between homes.

Renovating your house can increase the value of your home. Many times, adding a high-quality renovated space or master suite addition can make your house worth more. This can be especially true when your house is on the low end of the scale in the neighborhood where other homes have had successful renovations.

Ultimately, a home renovation can make your house function better and look gorgeous. You can have custom spaces that have all the features you prefer within the comfort of your familiar environment.


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