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Custom Home Builders Offer These Tips When Planning a New Home in Mountain Lakes and Ridgewood, NJ

Custom Home Builders Offer These Tips When Planning a New Home in Mountain Lakes and Ridgewood, NJ

At first, glance, planning a custom home Mountain Lakes and Ridgewood, NJ, home can be a daunting prospect. Making the right choice of the pool of custom home builders will take away the uncertainty as the right custom home builder for your project will ensure the entire process is as smooth as possible.

Choose the Location

If you have not yet selected the location of your new custom home, you could include a custom home builder in the process to help you evaluate locations in several ways:

  • Neighborhood or secluded: Some homeowners want to be in an area where they are not far from neighbors while others want to feel more secluded.

  • Lot placement: Where you situate a custom home on a lot has an impact on the views from the interior, porches, and front yard.

  • Septic and wells: Will you need a well? Will soil drain adequately enough for a septic system? This is a critical aspect of a new home that can affect your location search.

Design Your Home

Custom home builders may have an architect on staff or are completely open to working with your chosen architect. Among the many matters, you will need to decide with your architect and builder are the size of the home, attached or detached garage, stories or single-level, special features such as a fireplace or custom stove, and whether it will be green build or not.

Having the experience of a trained architect and a master builder can help you decide what aspects of your lifestyle you should incorporate into your home plan. Want a gym? Need a full basketball court? Prefer heated bathroom floors? They will want to hear your ideas and priorities, and they will have ideas for you, too.

Entrust Your Builder

Once you choose a builder who inspires confidence for you, you can entrust them with the entire construction process. Maintaining close communication with the architect to clarify questions and keeping your home project on time are some of the tasks for an expert home builder.

Their expertise can help you decide details such as architectural features to include in each room and for the home, in general. They help you think through what you want and what you need.

This is where you can tell them what you want most as their goal is to deliver your ideal home. Once the home plan is finalized, they ensure the master craftsmen and teams responsible for building your home are timely and provide superior work. Paying close attention to details is their specialty.

Some helpful tips on locating the right builder:

  • Ask for references. Chances are good that if previous customers were pleased, you will be, too.

  • Ask to see pictures or visit previous custom home builds. Many homeowners are delighted to show off their homes, especially when they had a great building experience.

  • Ask about the timeline. Availability of materials could affect the timeline, and you will want to be aware of that upfront.

Ideally, you will have a custom home builder who is there with you from conception until the end of the build. Collaboration with the architect, construction crew, and you are a critical component of what you need as your dream home comes together.


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