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General Contractors vs. Custom Home Builders: Which Do You Need for a Project in Kinnelon, NJ Area?

General Contractors vs. Custom Home Builders: Which Do You Need for a Project in Kinnelon, NJ Area?

When you start a home building project, how do you know whether you need a general contractor or a custom home builder in Kinnelon, NJ? Knowing the difference can help you achieve the outcome you envision.

If you are new to the process of renovating or building a home, you may be new to the concepts of a general contractor or custom home builder. While both could be considered home builders in a sense, there are some distinct differences in the approach and responsibilities. Understanding the nuances can help you select the right contractor for your project and give you the outcome that you seek.

General Contractor

A general contractor is typically a licensed builder who may manage a group of subcontractors to take on various responsibilities involved in getting the home project completed. So, a general contractor could work with your vision to build your new home by hiring various people who are skilled in different areas of carpentry, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and many other trades that are essential for getting the work done.

Focused on executing a construction plan that was likely created by an architect, a general contractor hires and oversees the home building process by a group of skilled tradesmen. Each tradesman has a particular area of skill that is essential to the components of a home.

It’s possible for a general contractor to do some of the construction work, or if the general contractor has multiple projects going on at the same time, their role could be limited to acting as the overseer of each project, to ensure that everything is operating on schedule at each home building site. A critical part of the home building process is keeping the project moving forward with minimal delays.

Custom Home Builder

The custom home builder tends to be the main driver and participant of the home building process from beginning to end. Starting with sketching the home ideas as you discuss them and extending to the final doorknob installation, a custom home builder is part of every detail of your home construction. They may employ a staff architect, home designers, construction specialists, and skilled managers to ensure a comprehensive, seamless experience.

The focus is on creating a custom house that will make you feel like home, a place you can be proud of. With a dedicated team that is accustomed to working on custom homes and extensive projects like this, the process is efficient and the results are masterful. Because they work together on each detail of a custom home, the people who work for the custom contractor usually have a clear understanding of what each feature should look like and how each feature should function.

Working with a custom home builder gives you the opportunity for ongoing, clear communication with the person responsible for the project. The custom builder will ensure that your home will be structurally sound, flows well, and reflects all the details that will make your house into a home. They deliver exceptional craftsmanship and careful design.

With their decades of expertise, a custom home builder will quickly understand your vision and will work to deliver your complete satisfaction.


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