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How Custom Home Builders Can Carry Out a Modern Farmhouse Vision in Kinnelon and North Caldwell, NJ

How Custom Home Builders Can Carry Out a Modern Farmhouse Vision in Kinnelon and North Caldwell, NJ

If you love the modern farmhouse look and want that for your custom North Caldwell and Kinnelon, NJ, home, you will want to know how custom home builders would go about carrying out that vision. Here are some of the features of the modern farmhouse and how they could be included in your home building project.

Combine Old and New

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is often about combining old with the new. One way for your custom home builder to incorporate these contrasting features can be to choose a tall antique glass-front cabinet for your kitchen. The addition of a rustic wood cabinet alongside white cabinets and granite countertops could be a striking feature.

Another way to incorporate farmhouse details can be to use reclaimed wood in the ceiling of the great room. When you look up to see the old planks creating that distinct farmhouse patina, it could offer the perfect contrast to white walls and clean woodwork.

The use of architectural salvage within the home design can be an iconic way to reflect that love of the aged in combination with the fresh, open floor plan of the new in a modern farmhouse house plan.

Oversized Features

The simple, oversized features like extra wide doorways and wide, plank flooring can be another technique for carrying out a modern farmhouse feel and style. When framed with thick but straightforward molding, the doorways could stand out not for their fancy woodwork but for the expansive movement they add to the design.

The trim work is hefty but without any ornamentation or flourishes. What can define the modern farmhouse style is large windows and lots of them. Many times, the windows form an entire exterior and interior wall of the house, such as when they frame the staircase.

These oversized fixtures can maximize the natural light and enhance the wood tones within.

Simple Details

For the exterior of the custom built house, the modern farmhouse does not have to be white, but that is frequently the main color. Many times, the white base is accented with black windows, wood corbels and trim at the peaks. There will usually be metal roofing on one section of the house while the rest has architectural shingles.

The board and batten siding is another interesting feature that brings a vertical line to the horizontal landscape. A front porch can be fully covered with a roof or become a focal point with a rustic wood pergola accompanied by decorative beams.

Stone Wing

A coordinating stone wing of the farmhouse will blend with the rest of the house plan but stand out for its textural interest and light-colored mortar lines.


A modern farmhouse can have symmetrical sides of the house plan for visual balance. Often, the gable roof line will be echoed in a series of bump-outs or wings on the side of the house. Expansive windows repeat throughout the home’s exterior for a peak at what is inside.

Landscape and Walkway

Just as the farmhouses of yesterday embodied a walkway that led straight to the front door, modern farmhouses can do the same. This can be accompanied by simple landscape elements like matching ornamental trees and simplistic shrubs.

When a modern farmhouse is what you want, custom home builders are known for having the expertise and ideas to deliver every feature that distinguishes this type of home design.

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