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Essential Renovation Tips: What to Ask General Contractors Near Me in Ridgewood and Kinnelon, NJ

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When you are searching for “general contractors near me” to build your custom home or remodel your home in Ridgewood and Kinnelon, NJ, you will want to have some questions in mind. The contractor you choose will be helping you with one of your most important assets—your home—and will be working closely with you for a period of time. You will want to make the right choice.

Questions to Ask General Contractors

In addition to inquiring about a general contractor’s experience and past projects, you could ask these general questions:

Do you have a current contracting license and insurance?

Ideally, a general contractor holds a current license to assure you that they have gone through all of the proper channels to work on your renovation. Lack of a license should give you pause.

Insurance is another critical component of a renovation project. There are times when accidents happen on the job, and you would not want to be financially liable. You could ask to see proof of insurance that there is coverage of liability and worker’s compensation.

Do you have references?

A reliable contractor will be glad to offer references. You could potentially contact these past clients to hear about their experience and see evidence of good work through photos. When a contractor is forthcoming with references, it is often a good sign because it likely means that the previous clients were happy with their renovation project and are willing to say so.

Who will be my main contact?

Knowing that your general contractor is communicative and will continue to communicate with you throughout the project can give you peace of mind. When you have a question or concern, you will know exactly where to turn and to get an update on how the project is progressing.

Some Ideal Features for a Custom Home

As you contemplate the many changes or additions you will be including in your home, both you and your general contractor are likely to bring ideas to the table. Here are just a few of the details that could be discussed as part of a full-scale renovation or build of a home:

Spacious master bedroom and bathroom:

For the homeowners, having an expansive master bedroom and adjoining bathroom is often a must. Your bedroom could have a sitting area where you can relax in the later evening to watch a favorite show or read your current book. Additionally, the bathroom could accommodate both a modern shower and a soaking tub, along with closets for each person.

Gourmet kitchen with spacious pantry:

Incorporating a gourmet kitchen that easily accommodates all your beautiful pans and the tools you need to cook and maneuver as you do so is essential for modern homes. A large, beautiful island provides plenty of prep space and an impromptu place to enjoy a snack.

A renovation is a large-scale undertaking that can greatly improve your everyday life, once the job is complete. When you use these questions and ideas to locate a general contractor, you can find the right one to turn your renovation or home construction dreams into reality.


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